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SDK Group manager

Next Silicon

Next Silicon

Posted on Thursday, February 29, 2024

SDK Group manager

  • Software
  • Israel


NextSilicon is reimagining high-performance computing. Our accelerated compute solutions leverage intelligent adaptive algorithms to vastly accelerate supercomputers, driving them forward into a new generation. Our new software-defined hardware architecture enables HPC to fulfill its promise of breakthroughs in all fields of advanced research.

NextSilicon is looking for a talented and experienced Group Manager to lead the Software Development Kit (SDK) group in our software org.

In this role, you will lead the development of NextSilicon SDK including NextSilicon programming model, backend implementation of standard parallel computing frameworks and acceleration libs, compiler toolchain, and suite of profiling and analysis development tools.

At NextSilicon, everything we do is guided by three core values:

Professionalism: We strive for exceptional results through professionalism and unwavering dedication to quality and performance.

Team work: Collaboration is key to success. That's why we foster a work environment where every employee can feel valued and heard.

Impact: We're passionate about developing technologies that make a meaningful impact on industries, communities, and individuals worldwide.


  • 8+ years of managerial experience, leading teams and groups, and 10+ years of software engineering experience.
  • Solid experience leading software teams through the development lifecycle, including concept, design and implementation.
  • Leadership and collaboration skills with the ability to work with external customers
  • Experience working with highly technical customers and presenting roadmaps to customers
  • Experience with building and deploying user facing APIs and developer tools
  • Experience working on large codebase projects that have reached the production stage.
  • Required experience working with/on compilers or domain specific languages.
  • Strong software architecture design skills.
  • Advantage to having solid knowledge of processor architecture, preferably with more than just CPUs.
  • Advantage to experience with parallel frameworks
  • Advantage to deploying software on large scale clusters
  • Advantage to in-depth understanding in runtime environments and distributed systems
  • Advantage to theoretical background in computer science (Masters) but not required


  • Define and lead the tech roadmap for how developers should program for NextSilicon hardware.
  • Define feature development scope and plan for successful product delivery.
  • Lead multiple engineering teams across multiple disciplines (compilers, user facing tools, parallel frameworks)
  • Strengthen and grow the team by hiring and retaining top engineering talent.
  • Facilitate close collaboration with engineering groups across the org - software, architecture, research and hardware stakeholders.
  • Act as a technical leader when design directions are unclear.
  • Balance high-quality product delivery under tight schedules and solid engineering for long-term success.
  • Support people growth, engineers and managers, through ambiguity and challenging projects.